Hear what clients have to say

I came across Danny & his inspiring weight loss story on Instagram & YouTube in 2016 and was completely inspired by his journey. After being on my own weight loss adventure for three years and losing 50kg (110lb) I had hit a wall & gained back 20kg (44lb).  I had done the unhealthy low calorie diets, the meal replacement shakes and whatever new fad diet was out to try and lose the weight again and was getting nowhere. I contacted Danny and signed up initially for an 8 week plan & before those 8 weeks were finished,  I had already signed up for another 8 weeks because the results I was getting were amazing!  Over the 16 weeks working with Danny I lost 13.2kg (29lb) and 171cm (67 inches) from my body while gaining muscle. The muscle gain and strength both mentally and physically was something I hadn’t gained previously from my weight loss and aside from the number on the scale going down, gaining this strength was the best part about the program.

I wasn’t getting anywhere with the low calorie & cardio only diets so, being introduced and educated around nutrition based on macros & training on a 6 day weight lifting split was a welcome change and made me enjoy the journey again!  I have nothing but positive things to say about working WITH Danny. The constant support, motivation and inspiration that I got during my 16 weeks working with him is what got me my results. When i say WITH I mean that his program is not your generic coaching or program online that has mass amounts of clients with no personal contact and no individual altering of the program to get you to goal or keep you on track. Every week there was a check in (and more often if needed via email) to see where I was at, any concerns I had and any alterations made to keep going. 

I would recommend working with Danny to anyone, whether thinking about taking that first step to lose weight or gain muscle or both! Or looking for a new program to further their progress. Living out of Canada also is not an issue either, living in New Zealand myself I was able to be in contact with Danny for weekly check ins (or more often if needed). 

A key factor in working with Danny is that he can relate to the highs and lows of losing weight having been through it himself. Nothing but positive things to say about Danny, never felt judged about my weigh ins & progress. Incredibly down to earth and genuine guy who at the end of the day wants to help anyone on their journey to reach their goals.