What do the plans include?

    – Macronutrient and Calorie Guidance
    – The TF Handbook (Basic/Important Info on Training and Nutrition)
    – Customized Workout Routine/Training Split
    – Supplement Recommendations
    – Weekly Check Ins/Adjustments
    – 24/7 Support
    – My Top Techniques for Improving Mental Strength

    Are you certified?

    Yes. I am certified through ISSA

    Do you do meal plans?

    I believe flexible dieting is the best way to create a sustainable lifestyle, so in turn I don’t do meal plans. But I do offer food and meal recommendations upon request.

    What do I do after purchasing a program?

    After purchasing a program I will send you out a questionnaire to start the process of customizing the program to your specific goals. If for some unforeseen reason you do not receive this email in under 24hrs.