• Macronutrient and Calorie Guidance
  • The 17 Page Handbook (Basic/Important Info on Training and Nutrition)
  • Customized Workout Routine/Training Split
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Every Other Day Check Ins/ Weekly Adjustments
  • 24/7 Support Via Coaching Application
  • My Top Techniques for Improving Mental Strength
  • Weekly Skype Video or Voice Calls on Request

Coaching Application

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"I contacted Danny and signed up initially for an 8 week plan & before those 8 weeks were finished, I had already signed up for another 8 weeks because the results I was getting were amazing! Over the 16 weeks working with Danny I lost 29lbs while gaining muscle."

Kim Coaching Client

"I literally think a piece of my soul died tonight during my workout but I loved it, you're awesome man. I'm glad more people are starting to work with you as a trainer. I've recommended some of my friends to you.

Tj KennedyCoaching Client

"I have 100% trust in Danny and his programming. He gave me what to do and I did it. By doing that I lost 225lbs!"

Roger VillalobosCoaching Client